An animated presenter for the Tyzine brand

An Innovative Product for Johnson & Johnson

The New Approach to Presentation

The time flies by, and the influence of modern technologies on our lives grows stronger day by day. The old methods of presenting a product no longer work for medical representatives, that is why we created this custom application for the Johnson & Johnson Tyzine product.

The Purpose of the Application

First of all, we determined that our main goal in creating the application was to show the advantages of Tyzine Xylo as compared to competitive products.

Thus, the major problems associated with rhinitis are the swelling of the nasal cavity and mucous membrane irritation. Nasal cavity has respiratory cilia which in case of irritation become depressed.

An army of sad depressed cilia

The condition of the epithelial cilia is highly important for the nasal cavity health, because they are responsible for mucociliary clearance.

Sometimes even an army needs help!

How It Works

We developed an interactive application visually demonstrating what this drug can do.

Versions for IOS and Android

For convenience of use, the application was created for 2 operating systems: IOS and Android.

What is the result?

The sales of Tyzine medicine increased, Johnson & Johnson medical representatives are quite content with the performance, and the cilia are saved and perfectly happy!