Augmented Reality Installation in Sheremetyevo

a project for Skoda Yeti, the official sponsor of the Sochi Olympics

The Challenge

  1. Attracting attention to Skoda Yeti and in the audience's mind linking the Skoda brand with the future Sochi Olympics
  2. Designing and placing a creative installation in Sheremetyevo
We wondered -
what do people usually do in airports while waiting for the flight?
Hang around feeling utterly bored, that's what! This will not do.

The Solution

Augmented Reality Technologies

The Agency launched the Augmented Reality Project in Terminal E.

2 large stands were created and equipped with plasma panels and cameras recording everything in the installation area. When someone stepped on a press indicator, a software video started playing: the Olympic mascots appeared and interacted with the participant, which was followed by taking a picture.

Stand right here to take a picture with me and my friends!

This is how it worked:

Participants were able to download their pictures with the Olympic mascots from the dedicated Skoda web portal.

The Results

We cheered so many people up
So many happy faces!

In the social networks you can find thousands of photos of the Skoda Yeti installation!

Seriously though,

  1. during the installation life, the augmented reality scenario was watched 14,208 times from beginning to end
  2. the number of actual contacts was several dozens of times greater
  3. in peak periods the program was triggered every 3 minutes
According to the airport employees, this project was the largest car promotion campaign they had ever seen!